Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's Talk About (Casual) Sex!: Hooking Up in the Grindr Age and a One Night Stand Mini Mix Tape

Before we get to the musical portion of today's program, a preview of my latest HuffPost Gay Voices blog post, which is all about casual sex in the Grindr age...

"How do you numb your skin after the warmest touch? How do you slow your blood after the body rush?" -- Jann Arden, "Insensitive"

I used to want to be that G.U.Y. -- not the one Lady Gaga is singing about in her latest single, but the one Jann Arden was pleading with in her mid-'90s hit. I've given up trying to emulate him, but I still encounter him regularly, in bars, in clubs, in restaurants, on Grindr -- especially on Grindr, the number-one agent for the one-off sexual experience between gay men, which turned 5 on March 25. Sometimes when I scroll down the meet-market app and see all those attractive faces and headless torsos looking for "NSA" (that is, "no strings attached") and "fun" (that Grindr-age euphemism for sex), I get a little green. How much easier life would be if that were all I wanted!
(Click here to read entry on my HuffPost Gay Voices blog...)

5 Odes to Casual Sex

"Johnny One Time" Brenda Lee

"I Don't Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" Dead Or Alive

"Fast Love" George Michael

"Get Mine, Get Yours" Christina Aguilera

"I Don't Believe in Love" Dido

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