Friday, February 19, 2010


God bless, Betty White. Although she was never my favorite Golden Girl -- in fact, she was my least favorite -- she had her charm, not to mention, mass (and massive) appeal. Unlike Bea Arthur (my favorite) and Rue McClanahan -- she was Emmy nominated each of the show's seven seasons for her role as the dim but occasionally witted Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls.

She hasn't stopped working since that show's cancellation. She's done movies, guest stints on TV shows (I particularly loved when she played herself on Ugly Betty and went conniving bitch to conniving bitch with Wilhelmina Slater), and even turned down the role of Helen Hunt's mom in As Good As It Gets that eventually went to two-time Oscar nominee Shirley Knight because animal-lover White objected to the movie's mistreatment of a dog in one particular scene.

But since her tribal jig in the woods in The Proposal (she was Ryan Reynolds's 90-year-old grandma), it seems White is everywhere. She just received a Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award (presented to her by her The Proposal costar Sandra Bullock). She's been cast on a new TV Land original series. Her Super Bowl ad was one of the most talked about of the night. And there is a massive 400,000-member Facebook group petitioning to get White to host Saturday Night Live.

Why the sudden Betty White mania? I think part of it is because we're just happy she's still with us. But more importantly, the woman is just crazy funny, as anyone who saw her call Sarah Palin "one crazy bitch" on Craig Ferguson's late-night talk show during the 2008 Presidential campaign already knows.

I say get her on Saturday Night Live pronto. I can see it now: Betty White as Lady Gaga! The ratings would go through the roof.
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