Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coming Out of the Dark?: Happy 2013! (I Hope)

Let's talk about beginnings -- new ones. It's January 1, so we all get to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I had no problem saying goodbye to 2012 -- a year full of false starts, disappointments, broken promises and another Buenos Aires burglary -- and I enter 2013 cautiously optimistic. How could it not get better? (On the plus side, I did kick Klonopin and nasal decongestants in 2012!)

For the first time since 1999 segued into 2000, and I spent the Y2K New Year with Amir in his Brooklyn apartment, I didn't bother ringing in the new year publicly and spent New Year's Eve home alone. I must have dozed off around 11.10pm and missed the changing of the year completely.

I spent most of last night, sitting on the couch watching historical documentaries on YouTube. (Woodrow Wilson, passionate? I never would have believed that about the stern, unyielding and racist 28th U.S. President if every single talking head hadn't said it at least three times!) Maybe that means I'll be smarter in 2013. Or perhaps it's a sign that 2013 will be calmer. Whatever the hidden message there, it's nice to wake up on January 1, with a clear head that isn't pounding and/or spinning. I don't do resolutions, but there'll be even more of that in 2013 than there was in 2012.

Happy New Year!

5 Great Songs About Beginning at the End of This Post... (Why do they always sound kind of sad?)

"Starter" The Cardigans

"Morning" Dusty Springfield

"New Dawn" Celine Dion

"Sunrise" Norah Jones

"Beginnings" Chicago

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