Thursday, November 20, 2008


As concerts go, Kylie Minogue's Nov. 15 stop in Buenos Aires may not have been one for the history books, but there were a few great moments. Kylie looked healthier and more robust than I've ever seen her--My friend Luciano even thought she looked a tad, in his words, "chubby"--a vision at 40! I could have done without six different costumes and frequent stage exits in order to change into said costumes. Breaks between songs tend to kill the energy at live shows (even Madonna knows that!), but when you're Kylie, you can get away with more than most pop stars.

I was surprised by how mellow the Argentines were, especially given how loud and aggressive they tend to be in everyday life. They hardly clamored for an encore, and after her show-closing "I Should Be So Lucky," they all seemed a little too eager to bolt. I chalked it up to the fact that the majority of the crowd probably didn't speak much English and hadn't a clue what she was singing about.

My favorite part of the nearly two-hour show: her performance of "Like A Drug," the best track on X, which I fully expected not to hear because it wasn't a single and few critics acknowledged it in reviews. Love love love how she performed the majority of the song dancing around in a box. She followed it up with a beefed-up, rock-tinged rendition of "Slow," which, for me, is the crown jewel of her recording career--her best single and video. The inexplicable way-too-Vegas cover of "Copacobana" aside, my girl knows how to rock a set list.

Below is a video of the show-opening "Speakerphone" (which, incidentally, is Madonna's favorite X song). Please pardon the scary singing along on the chorus. I'll post my video of "Like A Drug" if I can figure out how to rotate it so that you don't have to watch it sideways.

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