Friday, December 2, 2011

Ewan McGregor Is Hot and 10 Other Random Thoughts I Had While Watching 'Beginners'

1. I wonder if it spooks Christopher Plummer, 81, just a little bit to play dying (The Last Station) or dead (Beginners) men in such close succession. At least in Beginners (in which his character appears in flashbacks), he gets to live out his final days with gusto, coming out of the closet at 75 and snagging a hot much-younger boyfriend (Goran Visnjic). Tough work, and maybe he'll finally get an Oscar for his effort.

2. I'm so glad I came out at 22 and didn't wait until I was in my 70s. But still, I wish I had been out in college. The experience would have been so much different, maybe even better (if that's possible). I really admire guys who have the guts to come out early. Note to self: Find one!

3. When is Oscar finally going to invite Ewan McGregor, who has so many great performances on his resume, to the Academy Awards as a nominee.

4. As much as I love McGregor and enjoyed his central performance in Beginners, I'd love to see a movie with Plummer's character, or someone just like him -- a gay man who gets married in the 1950s and, after his wife's death, comes out to his grown son in his '70s -- as the lead. Maybe one already has been made. If so, can someone recommend it to me?

5. If I met a really cool guy dressed as Sigmund Freud at a costume party, and he took off his gray wig and beard and looked like Ewan McGregor, how happy would I be? A name like Oliver (always one of my favorites) would be icing!

6. Since Goran Visnjic is around my age, does that mean I still have time to be considered someone's "young lover" if I can stay away from 22 year olds?

7. Is there an unwritten law that says all French actresses (in this case, Inglourious Basterd's Melanie Laurent, who plays McGregor's love interest and is a little like a Gallic Drew Barrymore) must be unnaturally beautiful and charming?

8. "In my next life, I'm gonna marry a good hot-blooded Jew, someone full of emotion." So says McGregor's character's mom to him as a kid. Why wait for my next life? I think I'll try that in my next relationship. Less the Jew part (though we do love them, especially when they hail from Tel Aviv -- or New York City) than the full of emotion bit. Sometimes I miss Argentine guys and all their Drama.

9. I could spend all day watching love beginning.

10. I'm suddenly craving a Before Sunrise / Before Sunset double bill. (It must be the cute actor / Gallic beauty combo.) But I think my DVDs are in my apartment in Buenos Aires. Another note to self: Be sure to try to find a copy on Silom Road this weekend. I'm in the mood for love.

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