Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Keane, with Love (?), on My Next Birthday

The timing couldn't be worse.

I'm not amused, not jumping for joy, about turning 43 on a Monday. Hell, I'm not looking forward to turning 43 at all. But on a Monday, bloody Monday? Does anything good ever happen on Monday? And isn't having a birthday on a Monday pretty much a guarantee that no more than five people will show up to help you celebrate?

Oh, well. Keane just eased my pre-birthday angst slightly by announcing that it will release its fourth album, Strangeland (whose title does seem to describe my life these days, does it not?), on May 7, which, incidentally, will be eight years from the day I bought the band's debut CD, Hopes and Fears, while in London for a wedding.

May Keane's new album be the huge hit that "The Lovers Are Losing," the second single from 2008's Perfect Symmetry, totally deserved to be, and may more than a half dozen people turn up to help me celebrate. If not, at least I'll have an excellent soundtrack -- yes, I'm already predicting all-around brilliance, and not just because Keane says it is so -- to ring in my new year!

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