Saturday, November 15, 2008


Either Hollywood is running out of movie titles or there aren't enough Spanish translations to go around. Today I saw several billboards for a just-released-in-Argentina Antonio Banderas/Meg Ryan movie called El Nuevo Novio De Mi Mamá (My Mom's New Boyfriend, aka Mi Novio Es Un Ladrón or My Boyfriend Is A Thief--each as awful as the other). As I stood on the sidewalk and checked it out, three thoughts popped into my mind. First, why hadn't I heard of this film, considering that it's a mainstream release with two big names (Colin Hanks and Selma Blair costar)? Second, is it the rerelease of some film I missed 10 years ago? On the poster, Meg Ryan looks like she hasn't had a nip, tuck or birthday since City Of Angels in 1998. Third and finally, which brings me back to my opening point, where had I seen that title before? Oh, yeah, now I remember. The name of the movie is almost identical to the Latin American title of last February's straight-to-video romantic comedy, I Could Never Be Your Woman, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. Check them out below.
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