Sunday, May 6, 2012

43 Things I Have to Be Thankful For

Let's hear it for the boy -- the one who can fully embrace turning one year older!

I think I've finally discovered the perfect way to do just that: Make every birthday a Thanksgiving Day. Every year, before blowing out your candles and making a wish, why not make a list of everything you have to be grateful for, with as many entries as your years on earth? By doing this, every year you'll have one more reason to celebrate than you did on your previous birthday, and just cause to look forward to the list-worthy developments that the coming year might bring.

On the eve of my birthday (May 7), here's everything I'm thankful for, plus one.

1. My health

2. All my rowdy friends -- and the ones who've settled down

3. A mother who never made me feel like a disappointment because I like boys instead of girls

4. An amazing big brother who helped pave my way

5. All of the stamps in my passport

6. The ability to express myself via the written word, if not always the spoken one

7. Five senses that are all in working order

8. Shoes that are big enough and wide enough to fit my size-12 feet

9. A roof over my head to protect me from the scorching Bangkok heat

10. A vertical advantage -- The view from 1.86 meters is just right.

11. A well-functioning bullshit detector

12. Music

13. Oscar season

14. My driver's license

15. The iPod shuffle

16. Non-smokers

17. Moderation, and an apparent immunity to addiction

18. A first name that's neither too common nor too weird, and a middle name that's not my first name

19. That there are still four U.S. daytime soaps left

20. Tend Skin, because of which I've been wining the battle against razor bumps and ingrown hairs for years now

21. Pilates -- if only I could afford to take classes outside of Buenos Aires!

22. Antihistamines and decongestants

23. Thai food

24. A supermarket close to home that sells fat-free yogurt and unsalted cashew nuts

25. Lumphini Park -- It's not as good as the wide-open spaces in Buenos Aires, or the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne, but it sure beats the treadmill.

26. Guys with more than one thing on their minds -- They're hard to find, but they're out there.

27. Kiehl's Facial Fuel

28. My Panasonic ER154 electric shaver

29. My HP Mini

30. Facebook -- Yes, the invitations are annoying, and the "timeline" design is clunky, but it's truly revolutionized the way we keep in touch.

31. That some people still look at me and think I was born when Ronald Reagan was president.

32. Jetstar business class

33. That 40 is the new 30, and perhaps 50 will be too by the time I get there

34. That nothing cures my writer's block like running and working out

35. Air-conditioned taxis

36. My Kindle Reader, which I don't use as often as I should

37. My Golden Girls DVD boxed set -- Thank you, Zena!

38. Songs about rain -- The sadder they are, the happier I am when I'm listening to them.

39. Bangkok and Melbourne -- my homes away from home for the last 14 months

40. Babies and toddlers

41. Elephants and monkeys

42. King-sized beds

43. That there are people out there who actually are interested in what I have to say -- Thanks for reading!

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