Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Did "Skype Sex" Become the New Black?

Can you tell a lot about a blog by the search words that people use to get there? Lord, I hope not!

On any given slow afternoon, I might try to perk things up by checking out how people are getting here. I'd like to think it's to read another point of view on the latest developments in pop culture, or to find out what it feels like for a gay, black boy living and loving abroad, but that's not always the case. (Though I should point out that the latter is what led one of my best friends in Buenos Aires to this blog, and eventually to me, and it's also the reason why a random stranger once recognized me at the Peel in Melbourne.)

Even when the subject is strictly pop culture, I'm often surprised by what people are interested in. I totally get why Barbra Streisand and her 70th birthday were such hot topics last week, or why "Is George Clooney a good actor?" is big any week, but who knew that so many devotees of Oscar-caliber acting were searching for information on Kristin Scott Thomas online? "Jane Leeves legs" and "Zac Efron nude" I can live with, but why on earth would anyone want to see "Carson Daly shirtless"?

Which brings me to the folks who are desperately seeking raunchy, for which I'm apparently becoming quite popular! I know that THEME FOR GREAT CITIES can occasionally venture into colorful and off-color territory, but I can't think of a possible reason why someone would end up here after typing "erection wrong time" into the search field. And who's looking for this stuff anyway? (In the spirit of full disclosure, I was when I found the photo that accompanies this post.)

Thanks for reading. I hope you found what you were looking for.... Well, maybe not here.

I wouldn't mind reading something on "Asian men black women" (another popular search topic) myself, but anyone who comes around here looking to brush up on that particular brand of interracial romance will be sorely disappointed.

At least I can deliver on "Skype sex," possibly the single most popular search topic in recent weeks, though not at the time I wrote a post titled "Skype Sex: Why I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead with My Pants Down in Front of My Laptop." (And to think, I thought I was coining a new term!) Apparently, there are a lot of people out there who want to know how to indulge in it, directions that, unfortunately, I didn't provide in my previous post about it.

I'm not sure why there's been a surge in the demand for information on "Grindr sucks" or a concurring opinion on that POV, why everyone is looking for "hot asian guy" (and variations on that theme) online, or why "klonopin" has been more in demand over the last 24 hours than at any other time in the 26 days since I posted "Attacking Panic: First, Out with the Klonopin!" But all of those I can give you -- if not literally, at least verbally and/or pictorially. (By the way, I'm still Klonopin-free!)

I never did, however, go anywhere near Colton Dixon's sexuality, which might not matter now anyway. The frequency of the search words "Colton Dixon gay," so overwhelming for weeks, has subsided considerably since he was kicked off American Idol on April 19.

But now that they don't mention it, pardon me while I go do a Google search of my own.
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