Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 Songs I'll Probably Be Listening to All Day Today

What is it with short-lived TV shows?

Why are so many of them airing on Bangkok TV long after they were cancelled in their countries of origin? And why are they where I seem to be hearing so much of the new old music that I'm loving these days? I can't hardly wait to hear what I discover next on the Thursday episode of Ringer. Until then, I'll likely be obsessing over "Heartbreaker" by Jenn Grant (in between spins of Steve Winwood's Chronicles, from 1987, and Rumer's Boys Don't Cry, the UK singer-songwriter's recent album of covers of '70s songs written by men that features some of the best new old music I've heard all year).

I first heard Grant's song from her 2009 album Echoes yesterday as the closing credits rolled for Shattered, the 2010 Canadian TV series that lasted only an unlucky 13 episodes and airs on Thailand's Universal Channel, and it's been battling Rumer and the best of Winwood for space in my head since then. Why don't I ever hear anything this good during the Sony Channel's umpteen airings of Desperate Housewives on any given Monday?

Add singer-songwriter Grant to my list of reasons why we should all hail Canada!

"Heartbreaker" Jenn Grant

"Home Thoughts from Abroad" Rumer

"Arc of a Diver" Steve Winwood

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