Friday, July 13, 2012

Show Tunes: 5 Songs to Learn and Sing and Love

Do you know what these five songs have in common -- besides the state of being awesome? (Answer below, after the videos...)

"All the Rowboats" Regina Spektor

"Vulture" She Keeps Bees

"Pulse" I Break Horses

"Apparitions" The Raveonettes

"These Tears (Est8 Piano Mix)" Spiritchaser

Answer: I discovered the five songs above over the course of the last four months while watching Sarah Michelle Gellar's recent double play as two beautiful twins, both human targets, on Ringer, my guilty (now-cancelled) pleasure of the 2011-2012 TV season. I wish the CW had given Ringer another year, if only so that I could continue to enjoy the music on its soundtrack. (Drive aside, it features the best blend of music and movement that I've seen and heard in the past year.) The Sony Channel in Bangkok is still making it through the first and only season (episode 19 of 22 aired last night), and I'm less invested in what will happen next, or who will get killed next, than I am in hearing what the next killer song will be.

If I ever have to go on the run and trade places with my identical twin because somebody's watching me (and trying to off me), I hope I get an equally kick-ass soundtrack to kick ass to.

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