Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lost in Asia: Do You Know the Way to Bali?

And I thought the early twentysomething Thai native I met last summer who couldn't find Malaysia, Thailand's neighbor to the south, on a map was bad. Today I had a brief chat with a 20-year-old guy from Sydney who just arrived in Bangkok for a backpacking adventure, and he brought geographical cluelessness to new depths. I was surprised when he told me that he's never been to Melbourne, which is a lot like being from New York City and never bothering to check out Boston, but it's not completely unfathomable. I presumed he at least knew that Melbourne was south of Sydney, but by the end of our conversation, I wasn't entirely sure.

Me: "So how long are you in Bangkok?"

Him: "Maybe a week or two. I gotta make my way to Bali on the 9th. Not really sure where it is. I'm guessing I have to fly, though."

If there'd been a globe nearby, I would have asked him to pinpoint our approximate whereabouts on it, just to be sure he knew. I suppose that he should be commended for getting out of his comfort zone and seeing the world, but shouldn't a key part of that process be knowing where in it you're going to? Though I realize that my near-obsession with geography isn't a universal malady -- I can spend hours, or the entire time it takes to fly from Bangkok to Bali, staring at the maps in the back of in-flight magazines, but really, who else does that? -- I figured that every Australian at least knew for sure that you have to fly to get to Bali. It's like their Hawaii, after all.

I considered suggesting that he take a taxi there, but I resisted the urge to screw with him. I figured he's got enough problems. Good thing he's charming and pretty, I thought after taking my leave. Maybe he can use that to get to Bali.

Geography in Song

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