Thursday, April 3, 2014

Suddenly, Last Summer in Berlin Is Back on My Mind

It might take me another 18 years to get back to Berlin (that was the stretch of time between my first and second visits), but even if I never return, I'll always have my memories and this: The feature on the German capital that I wrote for the new issue of Australia's Box Magazine (Autumn 2014) has me reliving the month I spent there last year, in my head and on the page. Read on....

Trying to categorize Berlin can be as futile as attempting to classify the Germans who call it home. Like their city, Berliners can be so many things in one Teutonic package: hot and cold, welcoming but distant, modest and traditional yet stylish and contemporary, stubbornly provincial with an international flair. Befitting a capital that, for decades, was literally split in two, it's a city not only of contrasts but great contradictions. Opposites attract in Berlin, fusing into a spectacular urban puzzle. (Click here to read the rest of the story.)

Germany: Europe's Most Musical Country?

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