Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When did brooding become a dirty word and navel-gazing an everyday crime? First, Coldplay came roaring back with the ferocious "Viva La Vida." Then the Verve returned with their dancing shoes on. Now Keane are getting into the groove with "Spiralling" (download here), a new song from their third CD, Perfect Symmetry, due October 13. They're giving it away for free on their website until August 11, a marketing ploy recently used by Coldplay to massive commercial effect to unveil "Violet Hill." As for the tune itself, when I read months ago that Keane was working with Stuart Price, my hopes soared. After all, he produced Madonna's best record, Confessions on a Dancefloor, as well as some of the greatest remixes of the current millenium. I'm a huge Keane fan, and I adored Under the Iron Sea more than most albums released in 2006, but some risking-taking was in order. With its brassy sound, new attitude (Tom Chaplin raps!--sort of) and "Oh!" interjections, "Spiralling" is just this side (the right side) of overproduced. It's fun, it's loud and it's (shocker!) sexy. It's no "Viva La Vida" (few songs are), but I'll definitely crank it up in my iPod when I go running tomorrow.

Speaking of Stuart Price, here is my favorite of his remixes.

Depeche Mode: "A Pain That I'm Used To" (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
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