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Damn! I hate watching award shows in Argentina. When Mo'Nique and Toni Collette win Golden Globes, I want to hear THEIR acceptance speeches, not some crazy chick talking over them and badly translating into Spanish what they're saying!

But the show must go on, right?

I loved Mo'Nique's humble, heartfelt acceptance speech for best supporting actress. I think she just won bonus points from the Academy.

It's nice to see comedy TV actress winner Toni Collette finally collecting awards. But I recently saw part of an epidose of The United States Of Tara, and it didn't look so funny at all. One of her kids was burning down the house!

Felicity Huffman (above, right, with fellow Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross) is so much hotter than people give her credit for. I don't think I've ever seen her look bad on an awards show.

I've never seen Dexter, but I'm glad Michael C. Hall won. It would have been really sad if he'd lost after showing up, despite his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Harrison Ford looks old, but he's still kind of hot. I'll never understand this thing he has going with Calista Flockhart. (Didn't they meet at a previous Golden Globes ceremony?) But then, they both seem like two of the most humorless people in Hollywood.

Cher and Christina Aguilera!!! I must say, the Globes have snagged some interesting presenters tonight. Cher looks fantastic.

God, Meryl Streep is beautiful! I still can't believe the story I read about when she auditioned for King Kong, and the director made a disparaging comment about Meryl's looks in Italian to which Meryl responded in fluent Italian. You go, girl!

Helen Mirren! God, these old broads are sexy as hell!

Kevin Bacon: Now there's an underrated actor in Hollywood. It's nice to see him finally getting something -- although I have no idea what it's for. (I don't really do TV movies anymore -- most of them never make it to South America.) But when will Oscar notice him?

It's good to see so many under-awarded actors and actresses, like Drew Barrymore, winning tonight. I never saw the TV movie Grey Gardens (for the reason mentioned above), but Drew's also-nominated costar Jessica Lange already has enough awards for her mantle (including two Oscars).

More interesting presenters. Cameron Diaz, the star of Nancy Meyers' last movie, The Holiday, introduces her current one, It's Complicated. Helen Mirren, who was supposed to play Mariah Carey's role in Precious, introduces that film. But couldn't the HFPA have gotten Antonio Banderas, who originated Daniel Day-Lewis's Nine role on Broadway, to introduce that film?

Take note, Cher! Sophia Loren has turned back time. She looks like it's 30 years ago!

Janet McTeer is back? When did that happen? It's been years since she blew me away in Tumbleweeds! Good to see that Chloe Sevigny is still in the game, though. Nice group of supporting TV actress nominees.

I have no desire to ever see Inglorious Basterds, but this Christoph Waltz must really be something in it. I think he looks better without the beard. With the guy talking over him in Spanish, I can't tell if he has a German accent, but it doesn't sound like he does. Interesting.

How could Marty Scorcese only now be getting the Cecille B. DeMille award?... Leonardo DiCaprio isn't looking as cute in his mid 30s as he did in his 20s. I suppose not every actor can age as beautifully as Mark Wahlberg and Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.... Loved the Shutter Island promo at the end. Scorcese movies are never must sees for me, but I won't be missing Shutter Island.

Jodie Foster looks great -- and she knows it!

Nice to have Mel Gibson back as an actor, and to have him presenting after his Maverick and soon-to-be The Beaver costar. Kathyrn Bigelow looks a little pissed that her ex-husband won Best Director. Nice of him to shout her out, though. She'll still get her Oscar.

Hmm... Ryan Murphy accepting for Glee. I didn't realize he was involved. A good friend of mine in L.A. used to date him.

What is Mike Tyson doing on the Golden Globes stage? Does a cameo in The Hangover really qualify him to be a presenter?

And The Hangover wins Best Motion Picture - Comedy in one of the all-time weakest Golden Globe categories. Do any of these films actually have a chance of being Oscar-nominated?

Should the governer of California really be presenting at the Golden Globes. But then, Arnold did appear in a few James Cameron movies, so it's fitting that he introduce Avatar. But why not Sigourney? And she's in the film!

I just screamed out loud! Sandra Bullock wins for The Blind Side. Let's face it, neither the performance nor the film are particularly Oscar worthy, but I'll be rooting for her all the way up to the Oscars.

I though Matt Damon would win for comedy actor, but I'm not about to complain about Robert Downey Jr.'s winning, especially since he should have won last year for Tropic Thunder.

Wow! A standing O for Jeff Bridges. I love that he made a joke about his long-time under-appreciated status. I remember during Julia Roberts's Erin Brockovich awards sweep, during one acceptance speech, she pointed out Jeff Bridges in the audience and commented that she had been talking about him at breakfast that morning. I think it was the Globes, the one where Elizabeth Taylor made a fool of herself and had to be helped offstage by Jeff, who was doing the awards circuit for his role in The Contender. It took 10 years, but his time is now!

"Alright, let's wrap this up!" Gotta love Best Motion Picture - Drama presenter Julia Roberts (speaking of her).... Damn, Jason Reitman looks pissed that Up in the Air didn't win.... What does this do for The Hurt Locker's Oscar changes? I think it's slightly overrated, but I suspect Avatar is, too.
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