Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why I Hate Music Snobs (and Jerks on Facebook!)

When did the Monkees become the musical equivalent of Shakespeare?

Apparently, at some point, when I wasn't looking or listening, an act that was essentially a 1960s boy band, complete with its own television series, became as worthy of reverence as the Beatles.

The other day my friend Lori updated her status on Facebook thusly: "Daydream Believer by the Monkees just came on, and I could burst into tears. Poor Davy Jones. What a beautiful song."

My comment: "Anne Murray's version of it is BOSS!"

Just in case you haven't heard it...

Apparently, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for Murray's vocal talent. "Did this person just equate Anne Murray to the Monkees? Please tell me I didn't just read that," someone wrote two comments down.

"This person?" Besides the fact that I hate people who use Facebook as a forum to indulge in asshole behavior -- I recently had the misfortune of reading a pretentious political tirade by the friend of a Facebook friend after she'd had the audacity to compliment Barack and Michelle Obama's marriage -- Anne Murray is every bit as credible a musical talent as the Monkees, an act who, like Murray, didn't write any of its big hits.

Even if John Lennon hadn't called Murray's version of "You Won't See Me" his all-time favorite cover of a Beatles song, even if Elton John hadn't once said, "I know two things about Canada: hockey and Anne Murray," even if her 1980 single "Lucky Me" hadn't been the first 45 I ever bought, she'd be more worthy of respect from this guy who probably has never even listened to her music and reacted under the assumption that all country music sucks. (Click here for more reasons why we should all show some respect.)

Fair enough, to each his own. I don't expect everyone to like the same type of music that I do. But to suggest that Anne Murray, one of the most gifted singers and interpreters of song ever to step up to the microphone, is not worthy of mention in the same sentence as the Monkees is beyond ludicrous. The proof is in her music....

Five Anne Murray Songs That Are As Good As Anything the Monkees Ever Did

"You Won't See Me"

"Danny's Song"

"A Love Song"

"Blessed Are the Believers"

"Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye"

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