Friday, October 17, 2008


The other night I was over at the apartment of my friend Audrey catching her up on the latest comings and goings in my romantic department when the story of Alejandro, whom I cut loose a week and a half ago with a scathing email, seemed to pique the interest of Jay, the guy Audrey is dating. But when he picked up the laptop from the coffee table and started to type, I figured it was just a false alarm.

Moments later, he handed me the computer. Holy, sh...! I was looking at an email chain between Jay and Alejandro (name unchanged so as not to protect the guilty and pathetic). Said name had made Jay wonder if, by some wild and crazy coincidence, it was the same guy. Or maybe it was the inappropriate behavior I had described in my story.

Let me explain. Jay is new in Buenos Aires, and before his arrival, he had placed a posting on a business networking sight about his move, inquiring about job opportunities in Buenos Aires. Alejandro pounced. But as with so many goodwill missions, there were strings attached, which he made crystal clear at the end of his third or fourth email. "One question," he wrote after suggesting that they meet up for drinks. "Are you gay?" AH, HAH! Poor Alejandro, always on the prowl. Hey, jerk, this is a place of business, not Manhunt! And if you have to ask, don't!

Bullet. Dodged.
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