Tuesday, October 28, 2008


"Tony Tony Tony/I know that you're horny/But there's something 'bout that Bush ain't right."

--George Michael, "Shoot The Dog"

Yes, it was biting (pun not intended) and cut right to the chase, indicting then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair's support of George Bush's War on Iraq, but I never understood what all the fuss and controversy was about in Michael's native UK. I guess every country has its very own hangup. In the UK, blasting the ruling government can seriously derail the seemingly sturdiest pop career, and for George Michael, it left him temporarily in the doghouse (pun intended).

In the U.S., the hangup is sex. Over the years, it's pushed many a star--from "Soul Kiss"-era Olivia Newton-John to Madonna circa Erotica and the Sex book to George Michael (again!) after his infamous public-bathroom arrest to Janet Jackson post-Nipplegate--from their chart pedastal. Thus far, only Madonna has managed a full recovery.

And let's not even get into religion. Or rather, let's. Say the wrong thing when it comes to the Almighty and His chosen, and it pretty much can have a career-chilling effect worldwide. Not sure about that one? Check in with Sinead O'Connor. You can find her in that doghouse for fallen pop stars. She's been biding her time there since ripping up that photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live in the early '90s.

Aw, come on, fickle, holier-than-thou, unforgiving music lovers. Fight the real enemy.
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