Sunday, March 21, 2010


It is my firm belief that in order for a relationship to survive into ripe old age, one or both parties involved will have to forgive at least one indiscretion. But if Jesse James did, in fact cheat, on Sandra Bullock with tattoo model and stripper Michelle McGee, why did he have to do it while she was making the film for which she would win what will most likely be her only Oscar? (I wouldn't even bet on a follow-up nomination.)

And why did McGee choose this particular time to tell all? Oh, that one's easy: to guarantee milking her 15 minutes of sordid fame for its maximum potential.

How did Sandra Bullock more or less manage to spend her entire career out of the tabloids until now?

If women cheat just as much as men do, as some forward thinkers now insist, why are male celebrities' female partners in indiscretion more likely to tell all than their male counterparts?
Were Jesse's tears during Sandra's Oscar acceptance speech tears of joy, pride, shame or all of the above?

The Best Actress curse strikes again! Is there really something to this idea that the relationships of Best Actress Oscar winners implode shortly after their wins, or does the jealousy and power struggles inherent in their relationships doom them from the start? Every single Best Actress winner since Jodie Foster for Silence Of The Lambs in 1992 were at the time of their win or are now married to or involved with less-famous people also in the entertainment biz. But do we know anything about the spouses of Forest Whitaker, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Jeff Bridges (other than what we've see on the red carpet or in reaction shots during acceptance speeches throughout awards season)?

And finally, if Annette Bening finally wins the Oscar next year for either of her 2010 films -- Mother And Child and The Kids Are Alright -- will the dissolution of her marriage to Warren Beatty be a foregone conclusion? Who thought it would last this long?
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