Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here we go again!

Ladies and gentlemen, a word from the wise to your foolish foolish heart: If you think you've fallen for someone, but you suspect he or she might not be that into you, he or she probably isn't. Always go with your instincts.

Another lesson learned that the romantically inclined would all be wise to follow: Vacations mess with your head. If you think you've met the boy or girl of your dreams under the Tuscan, or Rio, sun, proceed with caution. Chances are that when you both return to reality, one of you will start second guessing, and things will not end well.

To ensure that your holiday "dream" doesn't turn into a nightmare, leave it behind when you get on the plane back home. Don't exchange phone numbers, email addresses, or mailing addreses (not that anyone even exchanges those anymore). And for God's sake, no Facebooking. If you are anything like me, there is nothing more frustrating than the forced casualness of a string of correspondence between holiday lovers that never betrays the roots of their relationship. I am also of the firm belief that Facebook and MSN should be kept out of relationships until they reach the commitment stage.

So when you part ways with your vacation fling, and you get the urge to see what the future might hold, don't. As Tina Turner once so eloquently sang, "File it under foreign affair."

Case closed.
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