Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I said it would never happen. Never. But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The unexpected development that is shaking up my entire belief system? Lady GaGa is growing on me. I still don't get "Just Dance," and I stand by my conviction that Argentine gay boys worship her just a little too much, but Friday night I was out with some friends when I found myself bumping, grinding and kissing a beautiful stranger as GaGa intoned, "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." Finally (thanks perhaps in part, to that beautiful stranger), "LoveGame" made total, sexy sense.

The next day I checked out GaGa's videos on YouTube, and "Paparazzi," in particular, made me open and up say, "Ah ha!" (See my passing mention in the post directly below.) Although the director, Jonas Akerlund, deserves credit for the video's elaborately cinematic look, the attitude is all GaGa. Like Madonna and Bjork before her, the girl is a born video star. Hopefully, again like Madonna and Bjork before her, as she gets older and wiser, her music will grow, too, taking on a more sophisticated, less adolescent tone that won't make me such a reluctant, half-cringing fan.

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