Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After three years and one week (exactly), I can say I've finally become accustomed to many of the day-to-day adjustments of living outside of the United States. The seasons still screw me up. As we head into spring in the southern hemisphere, I keep forgetting that it isn't April, and I don't have a birthday coming up. And I don't believe I'll ever get used to spending Christmas with the air conditioner on full blast.

Living with the metric system, however, is getting easier. My apartment here is roughly 40 square meters, but I couldn't tell you how many square feet that is. Sometimes, though, I'm still kind of clueless: A mile will always be a mile, and a kilometer will always be... well, I still have no idea how far a kilometer is. I continue to struggle with Celsius vs. Fahrenheit, and since I don't cook, a liter means as much to me as quarts and ounces.

But where it counts, I totally get metric. I recently was weighed by my doctor, and I was 80 kilos, which is 176 pounds, up from 77 kilos, which is about 170 pounds. Thankfully, until now, I never thought of my previous weight in terms of imperial units, or I would have been alarmed by how scrawny I had become! As for centimeters vs. inches, things are coming along nicely, although in my BA world, centimeters are normally used in reference to the tamaño of private parts. Size normally doesn't matter to me, but I can't deny it: "23cm X 7cm" does have certain ring to it.

I'm rocking the whole meter thing. I don't even think of myself as being 6'1" anymore. I'm 1.86 meters. I'm even on board with other people's heights. A guy who is between my height and 195 (6'4") has excellent potential. (Yes, height matters.) Between 1.95 and 2.0 (6'5 1/2") is entering giant territory. As for taller than 2.0, well, let's not go there. Thankfully, on this continent of tiny people, no one rarely does.

On the shorter end of the scale, anything above 1.75 (5'7 1/2") is fair game, although, I'd prefer not to go below 1.80 (5'9"). Funnily enough, when I was living in the United States, I probably wouldn't have given a second thought to dating a guy who was shorter than 5'11", and I don't believe I ever did. But when in Rome... or in BA, I would reluctantly give a chance to guy of 1.73 (5'6 1/2", which was roughly the height of the last guy I dated). But I've got to draw the line somewhere, and I do at 1.70 (5'5 1/2").

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