Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ah ha! So that explains it. I was thinking that Kanye appeared to be a little out of his mind when he stormed the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. The photo above, taken on the red carpet before the event, might be 100% proof.

Now word on the street (ok, in the tabloids) is that he is considering going into rebab for an addiction to alcohol. Considering? We've all had our alcohol-fused dumb-ass blackout moments (okay, those of us prone to pulling the occasional all-nighter), but Kanye humiliated himself onstage on live TV in front of millions of people. If the devil in the bottle made him do it, then considering rehab isn't even an option. And neither is waiting until his current tour wraps in January, as is being reported by Star magazine. If the, ahem, publication is to be believed, Kanye doesn't even remember the infamous VMAs dis.

Imagine that: an alcohol-fused dumb-ass blackout moment captured on video (and on YouTube) for all the world to see, over and over, forever and ever, amen.

Jesus walks. But despite what he seems to think, Kanye ain't Jesus. If these reports are true, he should run run run to rehab immediately.
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