Thursday, September 10, 2009


Leona Lewis, it's time to take a chill pill. Lighten up, loosen up, and get sexy. Your new single is called "Happy" (listen), and on it, you sound anything but. Look, sometimes we all need to indulge our inner Celine Dion, but when every song sounds like it's meant to be performed standing on a mountaintop, wind machine blowing hair, hand thumping heart, it gets to be exhausting -- for the listener and singer alike. From the cheesy, single opening synth note (which tries and fails to recreate the haunting aura of Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares To You"), it's so obvious that you're back to selling the melodrama. "I just want to be happy," you wail (unconvincingly) over and over. Me, too. Somebody, crank that new Sugababes single again, please.
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