Thursday, April 9, 2009


Did you ever see the episode of Frasier where guest star Felicity Huffman's frosty radio host and Peri Gilpin's man-hungry Roz spar at the coffee house. The writers gave Felicity Huffman the best zingers of the verbal throwdown ("At first, I wondered who you slept with to get that job. Then I realized, everyone"), but to the non-victor went the spoils: Peri's delivery and reactions were more fun to watch.

Looking at the scene I felt disappointed that Roz, a character I always adored, spent so much time on the fringes of the show, regularly relegated to the opening scene and only occasionally getting a central storyline, while Jane Leeves's Daphne (above, forefront -- of course! -- with Peri) hogged all of the screen time. Nothing against Daphne or the actress who played her, but the majority of her jokes always seemed to hinge on her over-the-top Cockney accent or some out-of-character bitchy behavior. And like Courteney Cox on Friends, Peri was the only regular cast member to be denied an Emmy nomination during the series' run.

Peri's has worked steadily in TV movies and episodic guest work since Frasier's 2004 cancellation, but here's hoping that someone can create a showcase vehicle for her that's worthy of her comedic talents.
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