Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I thought I wanted a bad boy. I mean, don't we all want a bad boy? I'm not talking about a modern day Jesse James, but a rough neck who lives on the edge (albeit on the right side of the law). So when I took the Facebook quiz, "Who's Your Celebrity Boyfriend?", I was sure he would be Colin Farrell. He was for several of my Facebook friends, and I figured the cliché would apply to me as well. I answered all of the questions, certain I was on the path to a perfect match with the In Bruges Golden Globe winner. So imagine my surprise to discover that my star other half is (drum roll, please), Will Smith.

Will Smith? Apparently, that one provided my friends with an interesting conversation piece. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because, like me, Will Smith is black, and I haven't dated too many black guys. Or perhaps it's just that my friends consider me to be funny in my own right, and my relationships have never been about the pursuit of regular laughing fits. I hate comedy clubs, and even more, clowns. But what about the guy who cracks me up without even trying (and I'm not talking Jim Carrey in The Majestic)?

I've spent most of my dating years chasing bad boys (great kissers, terrible boyfriends); strong, silent types (sexy, at least for a few weeks, then drop dead dull); artists (so self-involved); and model wannabes (too busy trying to make an impression to make a good one, plus terrible in bed). I ain't much on Casanova, heroes or daredevils. But what about the guy with a surplus of wit? I can't recall ever dating one seriously. Maybe I've always been afraid that we'd have so much in common that we'd spend the entire romance competing for airtime.

But do opposites really attract for long? Or do all those foreign qualities that one initally finds so alluring, ultimately repel? When the sex is no longer exciting and new, don't the strong, silent types bore me to tears, the bad boys start to seem kind of juvenile, and the artists and model wannabes begin to annoy me?

Now I know what I have to do. I never thought I'd actually take one of those Facebook quizzes seriously, but if this one works out for me, I'll have Facebook to thank for it.
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