Wednesday, November 25, 2009


What's a lady like Gaga doing in a place like this? I have no idea why Lady Gaga is in the new Beyonce video. Aside from both being 2009 MTV VMA winners, the two performers have absolutely nothing in common, musically or visually. But there Gaga is, popping up almost exactly halfway through the new remix of "Video Phone," which appears on the repackaged version of I Am... Sasha Fierce, out today. The song is neither ruined nor improved by Gaga's involvement, although I'm sure their combined starpower will make it yet another hit single from the album.

The most noteworthy thing about the video is that for perhaps the first time in her career, Gaga looks -- dare I say it? -- normal. In fact, she looks sort of beautiful. I suppose if you are going to appear in a video with one of the most gorgeous women in pop, you've gotta put aside the freakish clown thing or risk looking like a complete idiot. Plus I'm sure Beyonce wasn't having any fake blood in her video!

It's still a long long way to Shakira (Beyonce's partner in her last diva summit, "Beautiful Liar"), but nothing about Gaga's cameo makes me cringe. I do wonder, however, whose idea it was to have Gaga soften her quirky vocal edge. It kind of defeats the purpose of having her guest on your record. No doubt it won't matter to Gaga fans, who probably would eat it up even if she were just whistlin' "Dixie" on the bridge.

In the end, "Video Phone" remains a lesser Sasha Fierce track, and after watching the video several times, all I can hope for is an extended break from both artists for a year or two. Make me miss you, girls. I've officially had my fill.

Robyn, where are you?

Update (November 25) During the Nottingham stop of her I Am... tour, Beyonce told the crowd, "This is my last show for this tour in the UK, so hopefully, I'll see you all in a year with a new album." According to Billboard, she's already working on new tracks with producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. No rest for the wicked!

Beyonce Ft. Lady Gaga "Video Phone"
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