Sunday, November 22, 2009


When I'm right, I'm right.

Remember Alejandro? I wrote about him exactly two months ago in MORE FUN AND GAMES WITH THOSE CRAZY PORTEÑOS. He was the guy who, after begging me for weeks to go out with him, stood me up on our first date without so much as a phone call, a text message or an IM. I knew I hadn't heard the last from him because guys in Buenos Aires oh-so-predictably always come back.

What was it that I said is their favorite re-opening line? Ah, yes. "Tanto tiempo"! Long time! They all work from the same adapted screenplay. For a city with so many creative people that inspires so much creativity, they are alarmingly unoriginal when it comes to verbal expression.

Well, surprise suprise! Today I received the following text message (the punctuation has been left in tact to ridicule the not so innocent): "Hola como estas? Todo bien? Tanto tiempo... Yo haciendo la funcion del fantasma .. Y después a bailar..." I hadn't thought about Alejandro since around the time I wrote that post, because there have been so many clones since then, but I immediately knew it was him because I remembered that he had been performing in a production of Phantom Of The Opera.

Of course, there was no mention of standing me up, because, with the majority of porteños, there seems to be no sense of right and wrong unless something affects them. Or perhaps that's just guys everywhere -- self-centered to the core. For those who don't read Spanish, here's a translation: Hello. I'm horny. No other guy will have me, so I'm praying that I still have a chance with you. I'm hoping your memory is as short as mine. A dance?

Not today.
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