Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The waiting is the hardest part. And as the first decade of the millennium comes to its conclusion, I'm still anticipating -- more eagerly and impatiently in some cases than others -- new music from several artists who have spent the majority of aughts MIA. Some of them (Sade, Shania) supposedly have new music in the works. Others may make us wait until the roaring '20s. Here's hoping the following 11 make their grand re-entrances sooner rather than later. Come back, and all will be forgiven!

The Cardigans
Most Recent Studio Album: 2005's Super Extra Gravity
Last Seen & Heard: Releasing a best-of compliation in 2008. Sorry, but vocalist Nina Persson's side project, A Camp, and her cameo on a Manic Street Preachers single don't count.

Most Recent Studio Album: 2001's Living ProofLast Seen & Heard: Like Celine Dion and Elton John before her, and Bette Midler with her, stuck in a long-term engagement at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. I guess what happens in Vegas really does stay there.

David Bowie
Most Recent Studio Album: 2003's Reality
Last Seen & Heard: After suffering a minor heart attack and undergoing heart surgery in 2004, feeding fans crumbs with occasional acting gigs, one-off live performances and inexplicable guest spots on albums by people like Scarlett Johansson.

Everything But The Girl
Most Recent Studio Album: 1999's Temperamental
Last Seen & Heard: Ten years ago. Since then, there's been one solo album from Tracey Thorn (with another due any month now) and production work and remixes from Ben Watt. Everything but Everything But The Girl!

George Michael
Most Recent Studio Album: 2004's Patience
Last Seen & Heard: Touring the world in 2007-2008 and fighting the law (the law won).

Kate Bush
Most Recent Studio Album: 2005's Aerial (the follow-up to The Red Shoes, from 1993)
Last Seen & Heard: On a new song, "Lycra," in the 2007 film The Golden Compass -- and apparently, locked in behind-the-scenes battle with Sade (see below) for the title Slowest-Working Diva Alive.

Lisa Stansfield
Most Recent Studio Album: 2004's The Moment
Last Seen & Heard: Taking occasional acting roles in British TV and film.

Missy Elliott
Most Recent Studio Album: 2005's The Cookbook
Last Seen & Heard: Promising a long-delayed seventh album, Block Party, in early 2010.

Most Recent Studio Album: 2000's Lovers Rock (the follow-up to Love Deluxe, from 1992)
Last Seen & Heard: Reportedly putting the finishing touches on a brand new album, which at one point was due this month. According to Maxwell, who's presumably heard tracks, it's "monolithic." After all this time, I won't accept anything less.

Shania Twain
Most Recent Studio Album: 2002's Up!
Last Seen & Heard: Promising a fifth album of new music sometime next year (will it be worth the wait without ex-husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange producing?) and serving as a guest audition judge on American Idol.

Tina Turner
Most Recent Studio Album: 1999's Twenty Four Seven
Last Seen & Heard: Contributing to soundtracks and other people's albums, releasing one or three greatest-hits compilations too many, and embarking on her umpteenth farewell/comeback tour in 2008. In exactly two weeks, she turns -- gulp! -- 70, so I'd say her album-making days might be well behind her.
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