Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've written about this before, but last night while watching The First Wives Club on TV, it popped back into my mind. Why has there never been a movie version of The Golden Girls? In a previous post, I cast my dream film remake, but here's an even better idea: Why not make it as a sequel of sorts to The First Wives Club (Burning mystery no. 2: Why wasn't there ever a sequel?), casting Goldie Hawn as Blanche, Bette Midler as Dorothy and Diane Keaton as Rose. Throw in Betty White (the original Rose) as Sofia, and you've got a massive box office hit.

Why stop there? I can see it now: The Golden Girls: The Musical on Broadway. There's already a Broadway-bound First Wives Club musical. Every gay man in the United States would make the pilgrimage to The Great White Way to see Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sofia singing and dancing their way through "Sick And Tired, Parts I & II." The Show would run for years, and Angela Lansbury (as -- who else? -- Sofia) would get her record-breaking sixth Tony! Broadway producers, what you waiting for?
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