Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Getting a tattoo is hard work. Strangely enough, the pain during the application process (which is sort of like a tolerable burning sensation) is the easy part. Taking care of it over the next couple of weeks is trickier and more complicated. For the first few days, it looked glossy and beautiful, then the outer skin layer began to peel, making the image look like collateral damage from a duel with the sun. As the skin heals and the outer layer and protective scab peel away, revealing the permanent work of art, the level of discomfort is actually somewhat higher than when the tattoo artist was injecting my skin with his ink machine. Thankfully, I had some friends explain what to expect throughout the healing process, or I might be freaking out now, worried that something has gone wrong. With a little patience and a whole lot of lotion (to keep the tattooed area moist), I should be a mere days away from being the tattooed guy I've always wanted to be.

My ex would so not approve.
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